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Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop in Meridian, ID

Christmas Class: 

December 10th

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Class Testimonials

"I had no experience cookie decorating with royal icing before starting the class and I can’t believe how much I learned and improved! I loved the virtual class because it gave me the freedom to pick the time and day that worked for my schedule to watch the class and decorate my cookies. She walks you through each cookie step by step and I learned so many new techniques! I will definitely be purchasing more cookie classes!" - Kathryn Hymas

"I had always wanted to take a class to understand how to use royal icing as it was something I had never been comfortable with previously. When I saw that Erin was offering a cookie decorating class I knew I had to sign-up! She provided everything that we needed for the class, as well as additional info should we choose to go off and make cookies on our own. The class was interactive, perfectly paced, and a lot of fun!" - Taylor Vinas

"This has been so fun and informative! Especially in a pandemic where we can’t do a lot, this allowed me to use my creative juices while staying safe at home. I also liked the fact we could purchase the supplies because I would not likely have done it otherwise." - McKenna Weigle

"This was the BEST GIFT TO MYSELF EVER!!! I was able to just BE ME! I could decorate the cookies in my time! My cousin could even see the progress after 2 months (she thought they were professional... haha... Erin is a talented artist and teacher!" - Amy P.

"Erin did a great job with her online classes! She is very organized and is prompt to return inquires. She picks a variety of different techniques to teach in each class. Each cookie is different and gives the learner opportunities to practice different skills. The kits are amazing!! They make the whole experience doable for busy people. The thought that goes into each class she offers is incredible- she does it all and does it so well!" - Taylor Jacopian