Cozy Christmas Class

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My Best Oprah Impression: "You get a class, and you get a class, and you get a class!"

How it will work:

Via Facebook Live, together we will go step by step together mixing dough, baking cookies, mixing icing, and decorating! These Facebook Live classes will be *completely free* to access! This type of virtual class is valued at $50- but is all yours as my thank you for being part of the Darling Cookie Co. community!

You will need to:

  •  Join the Facebook Class

  • Get ingredients for the cookie recipe

  • Gather cutters, meringue powder, and other supplies 

Continue reading to see what I recommend!

 Step 1:

Join the Facebook group here:

Step 2:


Lilaloa has generously offered her gingerbread sugar cookie recipe for free, and has given her blessing for us to use this recipe in our class. It is delicious and is sure to fill your home with all the warm scents of Christmas! Print it off here:

Step 3:

Cookie Cutters.png

My favorite cookie cutter store is Oquirrh Mtn Cookies. Cathy and I have collaborated to make this Cozy Christmas Cookie Cutter set. If you plan on making more than 1 of each design I highly suggest purchasing the cookie cutters! If you'd like to just make one of each of the designs, there is also an option to download the designs for you to hand cut. She has made it easy to order and has listed them as a set here:

Step 4:

Bakety Bake

Kourtney from Bakety Bake is a cookier in the Treasure Valley, a dear friend of mine, and also just happens to make the BEST meringue powder in the world. Lucky for us, she gave me a coupon code for you! Use the code: DARLING to get 10% off your order of meringue powder! Order your meringue powder here: (If it is out of stock, she should be restocking on Dec. 6th)

Step 5:

Finally, you will need to gather up some basic baking supplies. A mixer (hand mixer is good!), a rolling pin, parchment paper, baking sheet, green gel dye, brown gel dye, pink (or preferred) gel dye, toothpicks, tipless piping bags, scissors, bowls, spoons, and paper towels. A more in depth supply list will be posted in the Facebook group. I've linked my favorite supplies HERE.

Step 6:

On Tuesday, December 21st, join me and my family on Facebook Live, as we go through the process of making our cookies. A schedule for the day will be posted in the Facebook group. Tune in for what you want to learn! It should be a fun day of baking together!

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Locals: I will have a handful of kits available to purchase for this class at my holiday pop-up on December 11th. If you'd prefer to purchase a kit instead of making your own, be sure to come!